About Us

JINGA Futebol is an exciting new Futeboling (football and futsal) experience.  It is Futebol with a distinctive South American flavour and it is revolutionising the way that Football and Futsal is coached and played.


Our Philosophy

To start with, what is FUTEBOL? This is the common term that we have given to the sports of Football and Futsal (indoor football).

Our philosophy is to fuse these two sports and provide programs that foster the development of young players in these sports.

Our aim is to provide fun based Futebol programs to introduce young players to the sports of Football and Futsal.  We are development minded, with a focus on providing the best coaches to our youngest players so that these developing players have the best teachers of the game.  


All of our coaches are professional or semi-professional coaches who have elected coaching as a career of choice.  It is fundamentally important to ensure that young players have access to the best level of coaching during the skills acquisition phases of their development.

All of this is undertaken with a South American flare, where Futebol is a way of life and where the players are encouraged to express themselves as individuals.  We want our players wanting to learn the same way South American youngsters have learnt the game such as players like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar to name a few.

We also recognise the cost of Futebol is fast becoming out of reach for many families and we want to make Futebol more affordable.

So why not join us and be part of the South American Futebol Revolution!!

Meet the Technical Directors 

Carlos Moore has played Football and Futsal since he was 5 years old at Club level in Brazil. Passionated about both sports, he has dedicated his time to play and coach Futsal since he moved to Australia 8 years ago. 

The Brazilian holds several coaching licenses and awards both as player and coach at State, National and International levels.

Highly regarded in the indoor arena he has  strong commitment to promote Futsal in Australia believing in it's a exceptional tool to improve Football skills and allow players to reach their personal best.

Vince Sciacca has been involved with Football and Futsal for more than 45 years.


As the former AFA National Technical Director he launched and implemented GOL Brasil Australia and established the largest futsal specific player and coach development program in Australia.


As a Football Manager he has implemented hugely successful football based player development programs.


Always committed and enthusiastic about new approaches to develop football and futsal in Australia he has helped massively to improve player's technical skills.